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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Removing popcorn texture from ceilings is very popular around the country and Denver Colorado is no exception. Sometimes, after many years, popcorn ceilings will start to look off color and shabby. When someone is thinking about what to do with their current popcorn ceiling….typically they choose to remove it all together. We can remove your current popcorn ceiling texture and update with a completely new look and texture increasing the value of your home. Several ceiling textures are available for your new ceiling and you can check out a few examples here.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal is and has been our focus and our specialty since January 2010. As of (Nov. 2023) we have installed at or around 851-900 tons of ceiling and wall texture.

All the tools, equipment, the supplies we use and the techniques we’ve developed is to be Great at this event.

Here is what to expect if you choose to have us do the work.

We work in all types of homes. Newly Purchased Homes, Old Homes, and Vacant Homes.

If you live in your home you will need to make it vacant or close to vacant, if you have heavy furniture that you cannot move, we can cover it and work around it and then we will;

Take off the doors and get them out of the way.

Cover the floors with plastic and tape that to the floor.

Cover the walls and tape it to the floor plastic. It will be as if we shrink wrapped your home.

Using water in our paint sprayers, we’ll scrape off the old texture.

Smooth the ceilings as needed.

Install a first coat of drywall ‘mud’ with a drywall knife to the edges, cracks, seams, holes and divots, using drywall tape on the cracks.

Second coat the ‘mud’ work as needed.

Smooth the ceiling as needed.

Install the desired texture.

Apply PVA drywall primer/sealer.

Caulk the wall to ceiling corner.

Apply a finish coat of Sherwin Williams Flat White Ceiling Paint. If you have a favorite paint we will use it.

If you desire a smooth finish, the process is similar, after the plastic is installed, we install an average of three full skim coats with a drywall knife or a combination of knife work and a sprayed on skim coat. When it’s ready the primer is applied. The primer will expose where we may need to fine tune the ‘mud’ work. Spot ‘mud’ and spot prime to follow and then the finish coat of the paint.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process