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Denver drywall patch and repair process:

  • Each hole is’ cleaned up’, cut to a rectangle or square shape.
  • Wood batons are secured to the existing ‘good’ drywall around the hole, the patch is fastened permanently to these batons using drywall screws.
  • The area surrounding the hole is sanded either manually or with a powersander.
  • Drywall tape and the first coat of mud are installed.
  • As the mud has hardens, it is smoothed and additional coats are installed as needed to make the patch ‘texture ready’.
  • A batch of ‘texturing mud’ will be mixed then the texture is applied .
  • A prime coat and top coat applied.

During the process tarps and a ‘shop vac’ are used to clean up debris. If necessary a temporary plastic shield will be put in place and removed upon completion. The four most common textures include knockdown, splatter, orange peel and stomp. We are able to match these textures….skip trowel texture and more.